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Why Salon Business

People mindset

People do care about their skin and hair now and they prefer organic and branded products

Lifestyle Changes

Yes, You read it right, according to our research, most people prefer upscale salon now a days.

Recurring Revenues

Our Products and Services will make sure you have recurring visits and revenue from your consumers.

Business Grows as long as hair grows

Pretty much self explanatory - Hair never steps growth so does this industry!

Be early in the premium segment

Premium salons are going to be the future so be part of the early brand

Why Partner with Us

Opening a franchise with a world-recognized brand that has built a solid reputation guarantees lasting, profitable growth for a salon. There are many benefits to joining the Camille Albane franchise network.

Go with the Trend

Everyday need - Basic Services

Everyday consistent income

Let the brand attract more visitors to salon

One brand, one mindset, one concept

Dessange International, through its Camille Albane brand, targets a particularly active and dynamic clientele: women aged 25-45. Camille Albane specializes in meeting the needs and requirements of this city-dwelling clientele: women who seek something to make them unique and irresistible. The brand has spent over 20 years developing this expertise, and it’s one of the main advantages its franchisees can benefit from. By opening a Camille Albane salon, you can offer your clients the trendy cuts, colors, care and makeup that have made the brand famous.

A proven brand

Camille Albane has 210 salons around the world, with more than 180 in France. This large network shows the effectiveness and profitability of the brand’s franchise concept. Behind this success you’ll find proven professional expertise, an innovative concept, and dynamic marketing and communication teams. Camille Albane can provide various tools in these areas to let you reach your target market. These include a magazine that compiles the brand’s trends, a marketing plan for social networks, a local business marketing strategy, and salon presentations every two months. These exclusive tools will ensure lasting success for your business.

What We Expect From You


Passion for business is the key factor in selecting our partner to take the brand next level


We are about our brand and our partners, all we need is your dedication


At least 1500 sqft space in posh locations; if you don't have, we will assist you


Franchise Fee is about 60-70 Lacs and we will aid you to reach next level

Camille Albane, a Paris-based franchise brand owned by upscale European salon chain Dessange International, is expanding into the U.S., making French beauty accessible to the urban American market. Customers are already crazy about the services, techniques and pampering they get at our flagship U.S. store in Boston, and more salons are being developed throughout the United States. Although Camille Albane is an established and mature brand in Europe, we offer potential franchisees a ground-floor opportunity in the United States. Many prime metro markets are still available for salon development. Our franchisees will have the training, marketing and support systems of an almost 2,000-unit chain with decades of franchise experience. Camille Albane is already established as one of the most popular franchised hair salons in Europe for high-end beauty. We put out collections in spring and fall to coincide with Paris Fashion Week. The collections include haircuts, make-up and nail color. Our salons are not only in the world’s fashion capital, they extend everywhere from Monaco to Moscow to Saudi Arabia and beyond, and now they’re bringing the service tradition behind authentic French beauty to America.

It all started with one very talented stylist. Camille Albane, our salon’s namesake, was born Jeanne Dereux in Avignon in the south of France. She graduated from secondary school after studying philosophy and then decided to pursue a lifelong dream – she enrolled in hairstyling school in Marseille. At the age of 20, she moved to Paris and very quickly became the most sought-after hairdresser on the Left Bank. She worked with master hairstylist Jacques Dessange, founder of Dessange Paris. In 1970, he helped her open her first salon in the Rue Bonaparte, where photographers, editors, stylists, artists and writers gathered in a chic and friendly atmosphere. In 1994, as a result of her success, Camille Albane became a separate franchise brand. Within four years, the group had 90 salons. Over the years we have earned a reputation as a place where a woman can go not only to update and maintain her style, but also to be treated like a VIP. Our upscale salon franchises celebrate the expression of every client’s unique beauty through hair, make-up, nail services and retail products.

The pampering, relaxation and satisfaction a client encounters at a Camille Albane salon is usually only found at much pricier salons — salons that charge $200 or more for a haircut, more than twice what Camille Albane charges. It’s one of the important ways Camille Albane stands out. In addition to setting fashion trends, rather than following them as most salons do, our franchises offer consistently outstanding customer service to everyone who walks through our doors. Our mission is to make every woman feel special, whether she’s coming in for a unique Balayage color treatment, updating her style based on our twice-yearly trend-setting collections or having her make-up done for a special event. We have created a unique experience that builds customer loyalty to the Camille Albane brand, which drives revenues for our franchisees. A woman's face showcases red-tinted eyebrows, red lips, blue eyeshadow and purple shadow liner under the eyes; her head is tilted to one side with her hair slicked back; hand on her forehead and her nails painted yellow. Customer service is an increasingly rare commodity, so exceptional service stands out. Camille Albane focuses on providing a level of attention that people value and are willing to pay more for. This translates into more potential income for our franchise owners, because they’ll need fewer customers to achieve profitability.

Camille Albane Paris is a salon franchise that appeals to a particular demographic – chic, successful clients aged 25-45 who live in upscale urban neighborhoods. These clients know what they want and are willing to pay for it. We keep that in mind when deciding on the perfect locations for our Camille Albane franchises. Most salons are around 1,200 square feet, and rents may vary. Salon investment: Camille Albane franchise cost Typically, a new franchisee can expect to pay between $250,000 and $275,000 per salon. That includes a $40,000 franchise fee, which gives you the rights to operate as part of the Camille Albane brand. Investors who buy more than one salon can expect a significant discount on franchise fees: They will pay $75,000 in franchise fees total for three salons and $100,000 for five salons. Your startup costs also will include training at our flagship salon in Boston; access to a web portal for all your marketing and advertising materials; the exclusive lineup of Camille Albane products; shampoo bowls, chairs and other furniture and fixtures; signs; insurance; promotional costs for 90 days; and $30,000-$50,000 in operating expenses for your first three months in business. To understand more about startup costs, please take a look at Item 7 in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Our beauty salon franchises help every woman be the most beautiful version of herself A woman showcases blonde, curly hair with dark roots. At Camille Albane, we don’t follow trends. We make them. That’s the expectation our clients have of us, and our services are catered toward that fashion-forward client who isn’t afraid to be ahead of the curve. Although we have male clients, too, our typical customer is a woman between 25 and 45 years old, is successful and sophisticated and knows who she is. She comes to Camille Albane not to look like someone else, but to look like the best version of herself. While our average ticket price is $90, many of our clients spend twice that much or more. Because of our exclusive product line, our commitment to the customer experience and our wide array of services, Camille Albane offers our franchisees multiple streams of revenue.

Attention to detail makes the customer experience stand out French women have been setting style trends since the days of Marie Antoinette. Their unique approach to beauty is a part of their culture: something that sets them apart from women the world over. That approach has made icons out of women from Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot to Marion Cotillard and Carla Bruni. But their beauty secrets are not so secret – It’s all about paying attention to the little things. Camille Albane salons in Paris, where we were founded, naturally excel at helping customers meet that particular standard for style and beauty. Our salons in the U.S. are no different. It is the mission of our brand to ensure that every woman feels more beautiful and confident when she leaves our salon than when she came in — but to always, always feel like an authentic version of herself. The Camille Albane look is not about forcing every client to conform to a specific mold; it is about freeing them from those constraints and helping them discover their own natural beauty.

A passion for style is great, but business experience is better Many people have a misconception that you must have hairstyling or fashion industry experience in order to achieve success in the hair salon franchise segment. That’s simply not the case. The most relevant experience you could have is running or managing a business. Dessange Franchise is the parent company of Camille Albane We’re excited about our impending growth in the U.S. Camille Albane has been a successful franchise in Europe for 20 years, and we are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping us grow this brand. This is a unique opportunity to be a pioneer because in the upscale salon niche, there is no clear franchise leader. Most competitors are independently owned salons or small local chains. In salon franchising, the brands tend to congregate at the lower end of the segment, concentrating on discount haircutting and convenience. The Camille Albane brand is new to America, and we are seeking franchise candidates who love design and understand the opportunity available to dominate the upscale salon franchise niche. Much of the high-end salon business is fragmented, made up of businesses that rent out chairs to stylists — a business model that handcuffs an owner’s ability to achieve a consistent level of services and results. Our approach relies on a brand model that is already well-established and has earned a reputation for providing an outstanding customer experience. Our clients build a relationship with Camille Albane, not with individual stylists, because they know they can count on the same luxurious pampering experience every time they come to us. That’s the advantage of being a part of a franchise.

We stack the deck for success with high-level experience Inside one of our hair cut franchises The only way to become a trendsetter is by establishing a reputation over a long period of time, and that’s something Camille Albane has achieved in Paris over the past 20 years. We value the frequent technical training of our stylists that prepares them to deliver the elite salon experience our customers expect. We pioneered the Balayage color technique, a method of hand-painting the hair without foil to achieve more natural-looking results. Almost all of the salon industry’s growth is centered around color, so it’s crucial that our stylists stay abreast of the latest innovations. Just as we make sure our staff gets the training they need, we also want to ensure that our franchisees have the safety net they need to build and grow a successful franchise. We’ve got an impressive team of experienced leaders at the helm. Our brand relies on the expertise and guidance provided by our parent company, Dessange International, whose oldest brand has 60 years of salon franchising experience.

When John Prichard and his wife, Patti, started exploring the idea of opening some Camille Albane salon franchises in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, they were curious about what their competition might be. They visited some local high-end salons and were surprised to find that the service level just wasn’t that different from what they were providing at their chain of 27 Fantastic Sams salons. When they realized that the Camille Albane guest experience was so superior to what’s offered at most upscale salons, they knew they’d hit upon an opportunity to become a leader in their market. They opened their first Camille Albane in July 2014, and they plan to open another four over the next few years. As the largest franchisee for Fantastic Sams, which is owned by the same parent company as Camille Albane, the Prichards already knew a good deal about succeeding in the salon franchise industry. John talked to us about why they wanted to branch into a completely new category — and why they think others should try it, too.

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